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Discover the EMODnet Virtual Exhibition here !


EMODnet is excited to announce that the Virtual Exhibition is now live! We invite the community to immerse themselves in the world of EMODnet by navigating through various themed rooms within the virtual exhibition. These rooms showcase information on EMODnet partnerships, EMODnet Centralisation, EMODnet for Business, EMODnet's engagement in the Ocean Observing initiative, the atlas of the seas, EMODnet thematic rooms, a poster room featuring a diverse array of electronic posters submitted by the EMODnet community and much more!


EMODnet Virtual Exhibition 2023 fly-through video


Check out the community posters here!

EMODnet welcomed abstracts for community posters across a range of compelling themes prior to October 2023:

  • EMODnet Innovations in Data, Data Products, and Services
  • EMODnet, Mission Ocean, and Wider Society
  • EMODnet, EU Policy and Regulatory Monitoring Data
  • EMODnet, Ocean Best Practices and Interoperability
  • EMODnet and the Blue Economy
  • EMODnet, Ocean Observation, and the Marine Knowledge Value Chain
  • EMODnet and the Digital Era
  • EMODnet for Global and the UN Ocean Decade

These posters have been seamlessly integrated into the virtual exhibition within the dedicated poster room. Furthermore, a select group of poster authors has been chosen to deliver 1-minute pitch presentations as part of Session 3: EMODnet Community Perspectives.

Visit the book of abstracts here!

We've compiled all the poster abstracts into a handy Book of Abstracts for your reference.


Should you have any questions about the virtual exhibition, please contact

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