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(UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

On-site lunch offered to all EMODnet partners, associated partners and Open Conference participants (The food will be with vegetarian and vegan option).

186 Participants

  • Charlina Vitcheva, EC DG MARE
  • Kate Larkin, Head, EMODnet Secretariat

Panel 1: EMODnet marine data services: Latest status and innovations

A Panel where EMODnet Coordinators and experts present the latest EMODnet services across seven broad thematics, including the current EMODnet offer, latest achievements, partnerhsips and emerging innovations

  • Presentation: The EMODnet Portal: Latest features and functionalities, Conor Delaney, EMODnet Secretariat
  • Panel Chair: Karen Coleman, Master of Ceremonies
  • Panelists:
    • Joana Beja, VLIZ, Belgium (TBC)
    • Ville Karvinen, SYKE, Finland (TBC)
    • Alessandra Giorgetti, OGS, Italy (TBC)
    • Thierry Schmitt, SHOM, France (TBC)
    • Alessandro Pititto, COGEA, Italy (TBC)
    • Henry Vallius, GTK, Finland (TBC)
    • Antonio Novellino, ETT, Italy (TBC)

Panel 2: EMODnet marine data services: Stakeholder Perspectives

  • Panel Chair: Kate Larkin, Head of EMODnet Secretariat
  • Panelists:
    • Pierre Bahurel, Mercator Ocean International (TBC)
    • Gerben De Boer, Van Oord (TBC)
    • Allison Perry, Oceana (TBC)
    • Dominic Pattinson, OSPAR (TBC)
    • Bogdan Ghinea, MDLPA, Romania
    • Isida Karpuzi, The Carbon Games (OSL 3.0 winner)

187 Participants

EMODnet's contribution to the EU Digital Twin Ocean and wider EU marine data space, in the global context.

Two Presentations:

  • EU Digital Twin Ocean: John Bell, EC DG RTD
  • EMODnet's contribution to EU DTO via EDITO-Infra: Tjess Hernandez, VLIZ (TBC)

Panel: EMODnet for the Digital era

A Panel looking at how the EDITO-Infra brings in EMODnet cutting edge technology, the role of EMODnet in the EU DTO backbone and data lake, how this relates to the Copernicus marine data store, EDITO-Model Lab and wider projects/initiatives e.g., Destination Earth, Horizon Europe projects and International Digital Twin of the Ocean initiatives e.g., DITTO

  • Panel Chair: Karen Coleman (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Panelists:
    • Grazyna Piesiewicz, EC DG CNECT (TBC)
    • Sara Pittonet Gaiarin, TRUST-IT, Italy (TBC)
    • Marina Tonani, Mercator Ocean International (TBC)
    • Conor Delaney, EMODnet Secretariat (TBC)
    • Laia Romero, LOBELIA, Spain (TBC)
    • John Siddorn, NOC, UK (TBC)

183 Participants

179 Participants

A discussion on EMODnet’s role in EU Green Deal and related Policy Implementation (MSFD, MSP, Birds and Habitats Directive, DCF) considering regulatory monitoring data quality and use, data governance and data flows, producing community recommendations on areas where EMODnet already adds value and where EMODnet’s role could be strengthened.

53 Participants

A technical discussion on data and metadata standardisation, harmonisation, flows and digital services, producing community recommendations on existing and emerging EMODnet best practices and how EMODnet can increase engagement with other regions worldwide to increase data interoperability for a Global Ocean Data Ecosystem.

69 Participants

A discussion on EMODnet’s existing and emerging contributions to Mission Ocean, assessing EMODnet’s current offer across Mission Ocean objectives and cross-cutting enablers and building trust, ensuring quality and maximising impact in diverse data sources e.g., citizen science. The session will provide community recommendations for how EMODnet data/data products can serve the EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters, ways to increase the sharing and ingestion of data from Mission Ocean projects and related initiatives and how EMODnet can connect more with society through citizen engagement, ocean literacy tools e.g., European Atlas of the Seas, training and education.

19 Participants

A discussion on how the Blue Economy currently depends upon EMODnet services, ways to increase and strengthen data sharing by the private sector and a look at EMODnet for Business including the Associated Partnership Scheme and ongoing dialogues with Blue Economy sectors. The session will provide recommendations on Blue Economy requirements and how EMODnet can better support these needs and data sharing activities.

36 Participants

157 Participants

EMODnet Community poster pitches (up to 35 x 1 minute pitches, diversity across poster topics and early - late career), and short presentation of EMODnet Virtual Exhibition

163 Participants

The food will be with vegetarian and vegan option.

60 Participants

08:15 - 09:00

Registration and Welcome Coffee

A Session showcasing EMODnet’s key role within the marine knowledge value chain and EMODnet’s strong connection with the ocean observation and data collection community across Europe and beyond. The session will include a presentation on EMODnet Data Ingestion, dialogue on EMODnet’s key role as an in situ marine data aggregator, publisher and data product producer, and EMODnet’s partnership with Copernicus Marine Service and EuroGOOS via the Marine In Situ Coordination Group.

Three Presentations

  • EMODnet in the marine knowledge value chain - Dick Schaap, MARIS, The Netherlands (TBC)
  • EMODnet and Copernicus Marine Service INSTAC and the Marine In Situ Coordination Group – Antonio Novellino, ETT, Italy
  • EMODnet Data Ingestion: in search of new data providers from every sector of marine society - Sissy Iona, HCMR, Greece (TBC)

Panel 1: EMODnet and the EU Ocean Observation landscape

A Panel to showcase the diversity of data being provided to EMODnet from the operational oceanography and wider research, Marine Research Infrastructures and wider data infrastructures, private sector, and the data flow / exchange with Copernicus Marine Service

  • Panel Chair: Karen Coleman (Master of Ceremonies
  • Panelists:
    • Dominique Obaton, Ifremer, France (TBC)
    • Andreas Petzold, Fz Julich, Germany (TBC)
    • Baris Salihoglu, METU-IMS, Turkey (TBC)
    • Julie Holis, EuroGeoSurveys (TBC)
    • Marco Filippone, FUGRO (TBC)
    • Neil Holdsworth, ICES (TBC)

Panel 2: EMODnet’s role in Ocean Observation coordination, data adequacy and informing ocean observation design

A Panel with regional, European and International representatives to discuss how EMODnet can evolve its work in data adequacy (Sea-basin Checkpoint methodology) and user feedback, as a contribution to the European Ocean Observing System community activities on ocean observation and data gaps, user requirements and ocean observation design

  • Presentation: EMODnet and Ocean Observation: EC DG MARE (TBC)
  • Panel Chair: Zoi Konstantinou, EC DG MARE
  • Panelists:
    • Jun She, DMI, Denmark (TBC)
    • Matthieu Belbeoch, OceanOPS (TBC)
    • Claire Jolly, OECD (TBC)
    • Pierre-Yves Le Traon, MOi / Copernicus Marine Service (TBC)
    • Ghada El Serafy, Deltares, The Netherlands (TBC)
    • Caroline Cusack, MI, Ireland (TBC)

185 Participants

179 Participants

A session bringing together stakeholders from Policy, Blue Economy and Wider Society to discuss the value and use of EMODnet data and data products for EU Policy (MSFD, MSP, Birds and Habitats Directive, other), supporting the Blue Economy (planning and operations) and wider society (Mission Ocean, NGOs and citizens)

  • EMODnet for EU Policy
    • Presentation:EMODnet for EU Policy” Townhall Community perspectives, Alessandra Giorgetti, OGS, Italy
    • Panel
      • Panel Chair: Rémy Dénos, EC DG MARE
      • Panelists:
        • Joni Kaitarani (HELCOM, MSP, MSFD)
        • Adeline Souf, SHOM, France (TBC)
        • Stephane Isoard, EEA (TBC)
        • Alice Belin, EC DG ENV (TBC)
        • Georg Hanke, EC JRC (TBC)
        • Xavier Guillou, EC DG MARE (TBC)
        • Kate Larkin, EMODnet Secretariat
  • EMODnet and the Blue Economy
    • Presentation: “EMODnet and the Blue Economy” Townhall Community perspectives, Alessandro Pititto, COGEA, Italy
    • Panel
      • Panel Chair: Alessandro Pititto, COGEA, Italy
      • Panelists:
        • Luca Marangoni, CINEA
        • Nikolas Flourentzou CMMI, Cyprus
        • Fiona Buckley, ENGIE Lab Laborelec (TBC)
        • Antonella Battaglini, RGI (TBC)
        • Paul Holthus, World Ocean Council (TBC)
  • EMODnet by and for wider society
    • Presentation: “EMODnet for Mission Ocean” Townhall Community perspectives, Patrick Gorringe, SMHI, Sweden (TBC)
    • Panel: EMODnet by and for wider society
      • Panel Chair: EC DG MARE (TBC)
      • Panelists:
        • Antonia Leroy, WWF, NGO (TBC)
        • Kamel Labibes, Ayam Sailing / Erasmus Maris (TBC)
        • Arianna Liconti Outdoor Portofino, Citizen Science (TBC)
        • Patrick Gorringe, SMHI, Sweden (TBC)
        • Tim Collart, EMODnet Secretariat (TBC)

180 Participants

The food will be with vegetarian and vegan option.

182 Participants

2 Presentations:

  • Global Ocean Policy perspectives, Julian Barbière, IOC/UNESCO (TBC)
  • “EMODnet, Ocean Best practices and interoperability” Townhall Community perspectives, Lennert Tyberghein, VLIZ, Belgium

Panel: EMODnet Ocean Best Practices, global data sharing and interoperability

This Panel will highlight EMODnet’s contribution to Global initiatives, including ocean best practices, interoperability, data sharing and data service provision for the global ocean data ecosystem, and for the UN Ocean Decade.

  • Panel Chair: Lennert Tyberghein, VLIZ, Belgium
  • Panelists:
    • Pier Luigi Buttigieg, HGF MPG, Germany (TBC)
    • Emma Heslop, GOOS (TBC)
    • Jamie McMichael Philips, Seabed 2030 (TBC)
    • Enrique Alvarez, Mercator Ocean International (TBC)
    • Joana Beja, VLIZ (TBC)
    • Elisabeth Kubin, OGS, Italy (TBC)

Panel on EMODnet’s global and regional partnerships

This Panel will focus on the existing and emerging partnerships between EMODnet and other regions worldwide, including data sharing, best practice exchange, and connecting regional data services.

  • Panel Chair: Jan-Bart Calewaert, co-Chair UN Ocean Decade Data Coordination Group
  • Presentation: Xiaojian Cui, NMDIS, China (TBC)
  • Panelists:
    • Xiaojian Cui, NMDIS, China (TBC)
    • Mike Smit, Dalhousie, OFI, Canada
    • Karim Hilmi, INRA, Morocco (TBC)
    • Renuka Badhe, European Polar Board (TBC)
    • Sofia Mendoza, Mexican Geological Survey (TBC)
    • Paola Sierra, INVEMAR, Colombia (TBC)

175 Participants

169 Participants

This is the Closing Session of the EMODnet Open Conference 2023. Stakeholders will discuss EMODnet evolution, ending with an EMODnet community Call to Action.

Perspective of the EC DG MARE, Delilah Al Khudhairy, EC DG MARE

Perspective of EMODnet partnership
Speaker TBC

Panel: EMODnet evolution

  • Panel Chair: Karen Coleman, Master of Ceremonies
  • Panelists:
    • Johan Hanssens, EWI (TBC)
    • Szilvia Nemeth, EC DG RTD (TBC)
    • Quillon Harpham, HR Wallingford, UK (TBC)
    • Nadia Pinardi, Univ. Bologna, Italy (TBC)
    • Jan Mees, VLIZ (TBC)

Presentation of EMODnet Call to Action and view to the future: Kate Larkin, Head, EMODnet Secretariat

168 Participants

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